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Complete Attendance at Asefa!

By Sophie Rasol ‘22, Sports Editor

Breaking News: Associate High School Head Rabbi Dahlia Kronish just announced that today’s Asefa had full attendance! The Heschel student body should feel very proud of themselves. Not only was everyone punctual, but everyone was unmuted with videos turned on. This will appear in the record books one day. 

The meeting started at 11:45 a.m. When Rabbi Kronish started the meeting, she was overwhelmed with all of the students present in her waiting room. Then, the speaker promptly began the program and, by the time they finished their speech, an overwhelming number of students raised their virtual hands, clamoring to ask a question. There were no questions waiting for the speaker in chat; the students asked them all verbally. 

Since every student had their camera on, the Heschel community got a glimpse into the lives of students who typically have their cameras off. One student was reportedly seen doing sun salutations, evidently inspired by the in-school fun day. Another student was dressed up as Rabbi Heschel, and recited the five school commitments while spinning in a circle. Lastly, one final student was spotted making pottery sculptures of Scooby “Dooby” Doo.

This Asefa put the Heschel community in good spirits heading into the second semester. According to Rabbi Kronish, “The Heschel משפחה is closer than ever!” 

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