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‘Heschel Abruptly Changes COVID policies

By Sophie Rasol ‘22, Sports Editor

Important announcement! In order to continue the fight against COVID-19, Heschel will put new safety policies in place, as the CDC (Children Defeating COVID) recently recommended. The new rules were created in order to maintain a sense of normalcy in our community while still following CDC guidelines.

Firstly, the student nook will reopen. Students are required to come into close contact with each other daily. If you would like to complete homework assignments or sit and socialize with friends, the nook is the place to do it.

Third floor teacher offices are back! Everyone missed seeing all of their teachers in the same room. Now you can just walk in to chat or ask questions. No appointment needed! Stop by and catch up with your favorite teachers.

The cafeteria is now open. Instead of having lunch in their respective pods, students will be eating all together once again. The hot lunch station, salad bar, and sandwich stand are going to be open and well-stocked. Make sure to stop by to have lunch with your friends, and don’t hesitate to stand mere inches apart!

Heschel sports teams are back! Clubs are in person! Students missed their favorite extracurriculars. Check the daily Hayom for when your team or club meets. Don’t be late!

Make sure to follow the new COVID-19 policies. They’re crucial in protecting the health of all students, teachers, and faculty. Leave your masks at home!

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