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Heschel Starts Synchronized Swimming Club During COVID-19

By Noam Medjuck-Bruckner ‘23

While many clubs have struggled during the pandemic, this up-and-coming club is flourishing in its new online format. Previously located in the giant hole in the basement where all the rainwater goes, the synchronized swimming team has had to innovate now that it is fully on Zoom.

Meeting every Friday 1, Friday 2, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, the synchronized swimming club, led by David Riemenschneider, now spends its practice time learning choreography for Zoom performances.

The biggest challenge the club had to overcome was figuring out a method of online performance. However, with the use of virtual backgrounds, running faucets and birthday party bubble machines, the members of the club have all but recreated the exact environment that they were accustomed to.

Instead of regular swimming, the club has employed the technique of floor swimming. Floor swimming is when a person lies down on the ground and simulates the actions of swimming while on dry land. While there is no longer a water aspect, the constant thrashing and movement of limbs makes for a great workout.

Of course, with Zoom delay, pure synchronization is no longer achievable in live performances, but don’t tell the club. Even with everyone off-beat, the live Zooms still make for a great experience.

The best part of the performances is the element of surprise. Audience members are in for a treat, since every show is done at a different and new virtual location. The team has previously performed at Lake Michigan, Niagara Falls and the Spotted Lake in British Columbia, Canada.

Above all, the club promotes unity and togetherness, especially in this time. Email David Riemenschneider for more information about this fantastic club.

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