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Heschel’s Most Popular 2020 Phrases

By Karen Messer ‘24, Staff Writer

“Hey, you’re muted!” and “No, I can’t see what you’re sharing” are two things you’d never thought you’d say during class, but 2020 has been, “no cap,” such “a crazy year” that strange phrases like these make sense during these “uncertain times.”

Throughout this “unprecedented” year, we have received new sayings and funny expressions to get us through the pandemic. Over Zoom, for example, expressions like, “Can everyone please unmute?” or, “Please turn your cameras on!” have been said so many times that we can’t recall them all. We especially know the excuse that we give when we’re late to online class: “Sorry, my Wifi cut out.” Or, when your teacher gets kicked out of the Zoom, you’ll always hear someone say, “Wait, who’s the host now?”

Even though online classes have given us a few goofy phrases to remember from 2020, in-person school also “hits different.” Playing Among Us during lunch and yelling, “I’m not the imposter!” or “Don’t vote me out!” at the top of your lungs is not something you would normally hear from the hallway, but anything can happen in 2020. You also can’t go an in-person school day without hearing that someone “forgot to order their lunch,” and nothing can compare to the feeling of relief that you remembered to order yours. And don’t forget having to ask someone, “Could you please repeat that?” because you couldn’t hear them through the mask.

 With all the negatives that 2020 has brought us, fun and silly expressions and phrases have acted as a light in all the darkness, and they have given us new memories to share about our experiences during the pandemic.

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