Students Begin Lunch Line Training

By Eliza Fisher ‘23, Assistant Features Editor

With this year’s hybrid learning, the Cater to You lunch staff delivers Heschel student lunches to their respective pod rooms. Students haven’t had the true lunch experience of choosing a meal on the spot or waiting on line. That is why some have begun intensive training for when the time eventually comes for a normal school lunch routine. I asked those who have started their drills to talk about their experiences. 

Sophomore Mira Cohen gave us a daily rundown of her lunch line training routine. “On Zoom days when lunch begins,” she stated, “I go to my kitchen and stand by the counter. Usually, my mom or another family member is in the kitchen at the same time, so I make sure to hand them a script. In their stage directions, it is written to pretend to cut me in line, and I say — I almost have this memorized — ‘Hey! Did you just cut me?’ My family member responds, ‘I have to go to Math Lab. I’m sorry, can I please just go before you?’ From there, I have two options. Depending on my mood, I either say, ‘Yeah that’s fine’ or I attempt to cut the person back. Once this drill is over, I make myself whatever I will be having, and I assign a family member to play the role of the lunch staff. I then say, ‘Hey Donna! What’s up? How are you?’ and proceed to ask for food. I normally ask for food two or three times because given the loud environment of a lunch room it is often challenging to be heard.” Cohen’s routine is a typical training regimen. 

One student explained a challenge he encountered while training. His training mostly consists of coordination drills like using tweezers in place of tongs for the salad bar, stacking Tupperware on baking trays as a lunch tray simulation, filling up many cups of water to balance in his hands, and squeezing as many chairs as possible at the dining room table for seating arrangement practice. “It’s hard to know exactly when the day will come for me to utilize these skills I’ve been practicing so frequently,” he said, continuing, “Sometimes I wonder if I am not training rigorously enough and won’t be prepared for when the day comes. If I were to go on a lunch line tomorrow, for example, I would fail. I have not yet memorized the routine, and the muscle memory of the motions hasn’t yet kicked in.” 

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