Heschel Showcases Students’ Poetry

By Jed Cosgrove ‘23, News Editor

During Heschel’s Poetry Month, the English Department organized a poetry unit for students to learn the ins-and-outs of writing poetry. The course culminated with each student writing a poem about something personal and meaningful to them. “Some students really came out of their shell in this unit, and we’re so excited for them. It’s really been amazing. A select few students demonstrated an extreme depth of thought and offered bold, empowering messages,” explained English Department Head Mari Tetzeli. Below are the poems the faculty chose to showcase. They highlight the skill and creativity of Heschel’s best writers. Enjoy!

A Tree Fell, by Rachel Rabinowitz ‘23

The other day

I saw a tree


And it made a loud sound.

The Theatre, by Samuel Rosenfeld ‘25

The Theatre!

You enter the room

And then they dance

The music flows 

Through the audience

And tbh it’s pretty fun.

Climate Change Is Bad, by Moshe Minsky ‘22

You guys

Climate change is like actually not good

No like actually people could die

We should stop it :/

My Grandmother’s Strudel, by Jamie Krousman ‘24



I don’t know the rest of the ingredients

But it tastes the way cardboard smells

My grandma’s really sweet so I won’t tell her that 

Her strudel is


No but really only my sister likes it.

More poems are available on the Heschel School website, front and center for prospective families. 

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