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Heschel COVID-19 Test Reveals Mass Allergy

By Noam Medjuck-Bruckner ‘23, Staff Writer After two weeks of all-virtual learning, students were required to take COVID-19 tests in order to return to hybrid learning. If students tested positive for COVID-19, then they would have to remain at home. However the results of the test revealed something more shocking: […]

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Heschel Plans to Create New Course

By Elizabeth Ciment ‘24, Staff Writer On January 19th, students were shocked when Head of School Rabbi Noam Silverman confirmed the rumour that Heschel has decided to implement a new course for the first semester of the 2021-2022 school year. During an emergency town hall, Rabbi Silverman announced that “the […]

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Students Sport Jorts in Cohorts

By Charlie Lebwohl ‘23 and Eliza Fisher ‘23 “They’re just so breathable! Sitting in front of a screen for hours a day really takes a toll on you physically, but there’s just something about the scratchy fabric of jorts that makes it bearable.”  An accidental private Zoom chat to the […]