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The Mets’ Miraculous Mideason Turnaround

By Zev Lonner 2020 Year after year, Mets fans like myself spend the offseason desperately searching for any shred of optimism to cling onto. The year 2019 was no different, as I found every available opportunity for hope heading into the current season. Countless outsiders questioned the Mets’ playoff aspirations, […]


Drisha: An Incredible Summer Experience

By Sabrina Zbar ‘21 This summer, I participated in a high school Jewish Learning program at the Drisha Institute for Jewish Education. I lived in NYU for a month in the East Village and took classes every day at the Bronfman Center. My curriculum included texts from the Mishna, Talmud, […]


Opinion: Inequality in College Process

By Talia Levin ‘20 The whole country was shocked at the recent college admissions scandal. It was astounding that a group of wealthy parents interfered with the system to give their children unfair and illegal advantages. This high profile case outlined ways in which laws were broken to give children […]