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The Case For Sports

By Zev Lonner ‘20, Sports Editor Over recent months, I have spent a great deal of time thinking about why it is that I care about sports so deeply. Beyond the fact that I have been writing and editing sports articles in Helios, various events of late have led me […]


Students Aren’t Praying

By Shanee Goldman ‘23 As a ninth-grader in the Creative Expression Minyan, I’ve noticed that people aren’t praying as much as I remember in middle school. Though the Orthodox and Egalitarian minyanim offer full-length prayer services, the members of other minyanim only pray for a few minutes and then proceed […]

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Sampling – Art or Theft?

By Aaron Epstein ‘21, Contributing Writer Sampling is omnipresent in music today, but it has been the source of tremendous controversy. Sampling is the act of taking a portion of a sound recording, often another song, and incorporating it into another song. This technique is most popular in hip-hop, where […]


Opinion: Stress-Relief Isn’t Enough

By Sarah Horvath ‘21, Editor-in-chief  A few weeks ago, representative Diana Hu from Freedom from Chemical Dependence (FCD) spoke to the high school students and hosted separate sessions about the use of substances for each grade. For the eleventh-grade session, Hu spoke about finding happiness and exercising stress-relief instead of […]


Opinion: T’fillah Exploration Surprises Me

By Mila Boymelgreen ‘21, Contributing Writer In past years, I was apathetic about the school’s biannual t’fillah Exploration Week, in which students explore minyanim other than their usual ones for three days. I didn’t understand the point of diverging from the usual t’fillah options. My perception changed, however, when I […]

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Unkosher food spotted in Heschel hallways

By Sophie Gross ‘23 Whether it be pork dumplings abandoned in a classroom or Chick-Fil-A in the student lounge, the unkosher food epidemic at Heschel seems to be spreading.  Heschel students who have witnessed unkosher food in school have a variety of opinions on the issue.  “I have seen some […]