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Heschel Girls Push For Soccer Team

By Zev Lonner ‘20, Sports Editor A group of Heschelians have recently been pushing for a girls’ indoor soccer team. On December 11th, Rick Munn, the athletic director, led a tryout to which nine girls showed up. Now, weeks after the town hall program that brought up the discussion of […]

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NBA Offseason Summary

It started on the 30th of June at 6:01 PM. The NBA’s free agency began and little did anyone know, it was about to be a hectic one as well. Here are some of the most important deals this offseason – including some of the most blockbuster moves in recent […]

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Opinion: Champions League Analysis

By Zev Lonner ‘20 Last season’s UEFA Champions League  changed things up considerably. Instead of the usual predictability we have been used to, this season couldn’t have been less predictable.  Real Madrid had won four of the prior five competitions, with a win by rival Spanish giants Barcelona being the […]