Editorial Staff

Sophie Rasol ‘22 is an Editor-in-Chief of the Heschel Helios. She joined and became the Sports Editor halfway through tenth grade, and an Editor-in-Chief at the end of eleventh grade. Her favorite part of Helios is working with its writers and strengthening her editing skills. Aside from Helios, Sophie is also an Editor-in-Chief of Epitome, Vice-President of the Programming Council, a Peer Advisor, President of the Chess Club, and a co-captain of the Girls Varsity Basketball, Volleyball, and Floor Hockey teams. Outside of school, she interns with political campaigns including the recent Manhattan Borough President election, participates in the Tikvah Institute courses, volunteers at her local library, and tutors younger students. 

Eliza Fisher ‘23 is an Editor-in-Chief of the Heschel Helios. She became Assistant Features Editor halfway through ninth grade and an Editor-in-Chief toward the end of tenth grade. Eliza loves Helios because of its participants, its importance in a school community, and the gratification that comes with publishing each issue. In addition to her Helios position, Eliza is a Heschel debate captain, student ambassador, and member of the Interfaith club. Outside of school, Eliza is involved in a dance competition team and musical theater, and enjoys listening to good music.

Zoe Singer ’23 is an Editor-in-Chief of the Heschel Helios. Zoe joined Helios in ninth grade, and in the spring of 2020, she became the Assistant News Editor. Her favorite part of Helios is watching writers develop their journalism skills, creativity, and leadership abilities, with the help of other club members. Aside from Helios, Zoe is also a Captain of the Debate Team, a member of the Mock Trial Team, a member of Student Government, a Peer Advisor, and a photographer for Epitome. Outside of school, Zoe is the co-leader of the non-profit organization Art With A Heart, which offers different art classes and snacks to young children from under-resourced families. She also tutors children who require extra support in literacy and math through the JCC.

Jed Cosgrove ‘23 is a News Editor for the Heschel Helios. Jed joined the club in tenth grade so that he could inform his classmates on important issues and events and create crosswords. Along with editing and writing for Helios, Jed is also the Vice Musical Director of the Heschel Harmonizers and a member of the Hesed and Tzedek Council, a member of the Gender Equality Club, and a member of the Interfaith Club. Jed enjoys long walks in Central Park, listening to music, and napping.

Gemma Levy ‘23 is a Junior at the Heschel school and is the co-News editor of Helios. She joined Helios at the end of freshman year because of her love of writing and desire to learn about journalism. After a year as a staff writer, Gemma wanted to take on a leadership position and became a co-news editor. She enjoys helping new writers navigate the newspaper, and exploring current events! In her free time, Gemma participates in student government, tutors, runs a business and does art.

Karen Messer ’24 is the Assistant News Editor on the Helios editorial board. Karen enjoys writing and editing articles for the newspaper because she learns about important current events. In addition to Helios, Karen participates in a wide variety of clubs including bioethics club, cultural cuisine, and Dorot. Outside of school, she plays guitar, which she has been practicing for more than six years.

Sadie Mank ‘23 is currently a co-Features Editor of the Heschel Helios. Sadie loves being exposed to the creativity of her peers during the editorial process. Sadie also writes a per-issue column called spotlights student initiatives, as well hosts the soon-to-be-released podcast. Sadie also enjoys being co-leader of the Interfaith club and working on her own student initiative outside of school.

Olivia Sohn ‘23 is the co-Features Editor for the Heschel Helios. She joined Helios her sophomore year and has loved learning about students’ interests through their writing. Outside of school, Olivia loves photography, reading, and baking for her family. She is excited to meet new writers and read their articles!

Shira Mack ’24 is the Assistant Features Editor for the Helios. Shira loves editing and writing because it gives her the opportunity to learn about the diverse interests of the Helios writers. Aside from Helios, Shira is an avid rock climber and is the captain of the competitive team at CRG Manhattan where she spends most of her time outside of school. Shira also loves science and biology and is a member of the bioethics and medical exploration clubs as well as Dorot.

Jared Levy ‘23 is the co-Sports Editor of the Heschel Helios. Jared began his role as Sports editor beginning in the spring of his sophomore year and loves the sports section. Jared plays baseball and soccer, he also runs cross country at Heschel. He also leads the Sports Analytics club. 

Ariel Plevan 23 is the co-Sports editor for the Helios. He has been covering in school and out of school sports for Helios since 2019. He plays for the Heschel baseball team, and is an active member of the sports analytics club.

Emma Jonas ‘23 is an Opinion Editor of the Heschel Helios. After reading a few issues, she joined Helios in the middle ninth grade! She loves working with fellow students to achieve the daring task of sharing thoughtful (and possibly controversial) opinions with the Heschel community. Emma serves as a grade representative, is a member of the Spirit council, a Peer Advisor, and a student ambassador. She also is a member of the debate team, an avid participant in AIPAC club, and player for the Heschel Floor Hockey team. Outside of Heschel, Emma spends most of her time in musical theater rehearsals.

Charlie Lebwohl ‘23 is an Opinion Editor of the Heschel Helios. He understands you probably don’t care about his various passions, so in lieu of telling you about those, he has elected instead to save five seconds of your life and cut his bio short. However, in exchange for doing so, he asks that you write an article for the opinion section—he knows you have an opinion worth sharing.

Noam Medjuck-Bruckner ’23 is an Online Editor of the Heschel Helios. In addition to running the Helios website and Instagram, Noam is a co-head of the Video Gaming Club, member of the Bass Section-Leader, beatboxer for the Harmonizers, a grade representative, and plays for the Cross Country and Ultimate Frisbee teams. While Noam loves reading the Helios in its printed form, he highly recommends you explore the website and send him any Heschel memes worthy of sharing on the Helios instagram.

Shoshana Sugerman ‘22 is an Online Editor of Helios. She joined Helios her freshman year, and has been an online editor for one year. Other than Helios, Shoshana is co-president of Entrepreneurship club, a PAL (Peer Advisor Leader), a Captain of the Hockey team, and a member of the Programming Branch of Student Government. Shoshana loves managing the Helios Instagram because it represents the student side of the Heschel school.

Neri Frank ‘23 is the Layout Editor of Helios. He has participated in Helios since freshmen year and enjoys writing theater reviews and arts related articles. Besides Helios, Neri is part of the Gender Equality Club, Harmonizers, and Latin American Culture Club.  Outside of school, Neri takes voice lessons and participates in Riverdale Rising Stars, a musical theater group in Riverdale.

Ariella Kaplan is an Art Editor of the Heschel Helios. She really enjoys drawing and painting and is so happy to contribute these skills to the newspaper! She hopes to encourage more students to contribute to the newspaper by submitting art.

Ruby Kazam is an Art Editor of Heschel Helios. She enjoys drawing both inside and outside of school and wants Heschel students to know that writing isn’t the only way to contribute to Helios! Outside of Helios, she is very passionate about music, active in the school’s student government, and is a marketing executive at the Green Consumer Project.