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Raspberry Buttermilk Sheet Cake

By Alexandra Wenger ‘21, Features Editor Sheet cakes have a bad rap, and it pains my soul. Some think they are cakes for the lazy baker who doesn’t want to bake and frost a layer cake. Some think they’re tasteless because all they’ve had are sheet cakes from the local […]

Teacher Farewells

Farewell to Susan Wicht

By Julia Dubey ‘23, Staff Writer As the 2020 school year comes to an end, Arabic teacher Susan Wicht is preparing to depart from the Heschel community. During her two years at Heschel, Wicht has taught the ninth and tenth grades, given speeches about her world experiences, and contributed in […]

Teacher Farewells

Farewell to Smith

By Raphaela Gold ‘21, Editor-in-Chief When I was deciding between language courses at the beginning of 9th grade and discovered that Heschel’s High School Latin teacher incorporated Harry Potter spells into her class, I knew the right choice: I had to take Latin. I didn’t yet know that the Latin […]

Teacher Farewells

Faculty Farwell: Reli Gal

By Jonah Ceresney ‘22, Staff Writer After thirteen years as a faculty member of Heschel High School, Hebrew teacher Reli Gal is retiring. As one of her students, I can say that Gal has been an incredibly influential part of my life. Since coming from a kibbutz in Israel, Gal […]

Teacher Farewells

Farewell to Rachel Landsberg

By Anna Dubey ‘21, Editor-in-Chief Limudei Qodesh teacher and Learning Lab specialist Rachel Landsberg will not return to Heschel next year. She joined Heschel in 2001 as a fourth-grade teacher and moved to the high school in 2004. After leaving her current position, she will pursue work in environmental activism. […]

Teacher Farewells

Farewell to Isaac Secemski

By Sofie Braun ’22 and Sofia Cohen ’22, Staff Writer and Layout Editor, respectively Tenth-grade chemistry teacher Isaac Secemski will retire after sixteen years of teaching chemistry at Heschel.  Isaac remarked, “Heschel has been fantastic… the best retirement job one could ask for.”  Isaac said that he never imagined that […]