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Farewell To Ilana Sidorsky

By Raphaela Gold ‘21 and Sarah Horvath ‘21 At the end of this year, Heschel high school Hesed coordinator and Israel educator Ilana Sidorsky will be leaving the Heschel community after five years of working at the school. Over her time at Heschel, Sidorsky has contributed tremendously by educating the […]


Pesach Bagelach Recipe

By Alexandra Wenger ‘21   This recipe is the perfect substitution for bread on pesach, because it’s basically a kosher-for-Pesach popover. They’ve got super simple ingredients, super easy instructions, and are super delicious! They go perfectly with preserves, cream cheese, butter, chocolate spread, you name it. I always make at […]


Advice Column

By Talia Levin and Bella Nessim ‘20   Q: I think my friend might have an eating disorder. She always says she’s not hungry when we’re getting food. She also started saying she’s keeping kosher and won’t eat at places but I think it might be a way of avoiding […]


Get to Know a Student: Exec Edition!

By Olivia Domansky and Talia Levin ‘20   As we recently elected a new Student Government Executive Board, it is time to say goodbye to last year’s successful Execs.   Execs What has been your greatest accomplishment this year? Favorite color of yogurt Awkwardest pickup line you know Coolest pet […]


Dose of History: The Hypocaust

By Alexandra Wenger ‘21   In case you haven’t stepped outside lately, it’s been pretty cold. At the end of January, a polar vortex hit the New York City area with below-freezing temperatures that made everyone grateful for indoor heating. But to whom do we owe our gratitude? It turns […]