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Recipe: Windowpane Chocolates

By Alexandra Wenger ‘21 Are you in the mood for a recipe to take your mind off of the dozens of tests you have? Perhaps you’ve got a unit exam coming up and you need some mini chocolate snacks to stresseat the night before? Even if you’re feeling completely relaxed, […]

Entertainment Reviews

Concert Review: Melanie Martinez

By Shanee Goldman ‘23 On October 29, 2019, I attended Melanie Martinez’s K-12 Tour at the Manhattan Center on West 34th street. Martinez is a singer, songwriter, actress and director from Baldwin, New York. In 2012, Martinez appeared on the Voice for her debut performance. Soon after, she released an […]


Dose of History

By: Alexandra Wenger ‘21 Everyone knows the old verse, “Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November. All the rest have thirty-one, except February, the shortest one.” Perhaps you know the variant with the ending, “except February, which has twenty-eight, dear, but twenty-nine in a leap-year!” Either way, the message […]


Dose of History: Carved Pumpkins

By Alexandra Wenger ‘21 Have you ever wondered why people carve faces into pumpkins? The tradition of carving faces into various vegetables and gourds is an old one, but this particular carving practice  originated in 19th century Ireland and other Gaelic speaking regions. During the festival of Samhain in Irish […]


2019 Lamentation 1:1

Jacqueline Proshan ‘21 And on the second day  God created screens that radiated a glaring, hollow noise  And God saw that it was bad and regretted all that had been done  And it was evening, and it was morning, the 21st century. Primitive bodies and minds no longer exist Only […]