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Adar Feature: Heschel Purim Party Story

By Shanee Goldman ‘23 “Hashavuah: Purim party last period on Tuesday!”  The colorful words flashed across the screen of a student’s Macbook Air. “Dang it, Lily,” said the frustrated student to her friend, “Purim parties stink every year. It’s the same old thing every time.” “Lighten up, Bella. I’m part […]

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Knives Out – A Murder Mystery

By Shanee Goldman ‘23, Staff Writer An Academy Award nominee for Best Original Screenplay, Knives Out, a thrilling film directed by Rian Johnson, was broadcast at local theatres on November 27th, 2019. Although thrilling movies involving cases of family inheritance are common, a case including a murder  – and the […]



Kernels constructed by heat  disappear brown ovals and return white, coated and new, indented  Children enter as individuals Each with their own naive ideas and dreams But leave as bare kernels, bereft of pigment. Systematized, monotonized, contrived You struggle to remember what guides you  when you step from the rug […]


Heart Sugar Cookies

By Alexandra Wenger ‘21 Valentine’s Day is the ideal day to eat as much sugar as you possibly can! It is absolutely warranted, whether you’re spending the holiday with a significant other or with your best friends, because they’ll also be stuffing their faces. Here are some Heart Sugar Cookies […]