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Teacher Profile: Carl Haber

By Julia Proshan ’18 While Carl Haber’s title is “Machar Fellow,” multi-talented floater would be a better description of his position at Heschel. It is impossible to find Carl in one place throughout the school day; he is either leading the Social Justice Minyan, facilitating the American Voices club, teaching […]

Teacher Profiles

Teacher Profile: Rick Munn

By Abigail Lyss ‘18 (interviewed by Leila Small ‘18) Rick Munn, the physical education and athletics director, joined the high school staff team this year although he has worked in the Heschel Lower and Middle Schools for twenty years. Rick wasted no time in embarking on his mission to improve […]

Teacher Profiles

Teacher Profile: Isaac Levein

By Gidon Kaminer ‘18 “Music operates on an emotional spectrum” Isaac Levein, Heschel’s newest music teacher, says. This isn’t some mantra that Isaac simply repeats; throughout his continuing career as a musician, performer, and educator, Isaac has truly lived his innovative approach to understanding and appreciating music, a philosophy he […]

Teacher Profiles

Teacher Profile: Aaron Boalick

By Molly Katz ’19 Aaron Boalick, Heschel’s newest Spanish teacher, has had a passion for teaching from a young age. Even as a child, he played school with his family members, forcing them to pretend they were the students and he was the teacher. Aaron grew up outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, […]

Teacher Profiles

Teacher Profile: Joseph Eskin

By Sara Serfaty ‘18 “I initially think I liked history because I would learn something in class and then talk to my parents at home and they had experienced that thing,” Joseph Eskin, the newest member of the social studies department, said. “I think it was one of the only […]


Summer Plans

By: Molly Katz With summer approaching rapidly, students are finalizing their plans for the break. In a Helios survey sent to students, including the options of a job, an internship, an academic summer program, camp, travel, and community, the majority of respondents indicated that they will be going to camp, […]

Teacher Profiles

Lisa Inberg News

By: Sam Nevins 18’ This summer Lisa Inberg, her husband Graeme, and their newborn daughter Etta will be moving back to Sydney, Australia. After three years in New York City, the family has decided that it is time to return home. On one of her visits to Heschel this spring, […]