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Abi Rasol Tells Her Lyme Story

By: Sophia Daniels “What nobody tells you is that the basic blood test [for Lyme disease] does not show Lyme disease in over 60% of actual Lyme cases,” senior Abi Rasol said. Rasol is part of that 60%. Because of these complications, it took Rasol more than two years to […]


Senior Internships

By: Abby Fisher ’19 From the first day of freshman year, students look forward to their senior internships. Aside from the fact that the beginning of internships means the end of classes, internships provide seniors with the opportunity to explore areas of interest in a hands-on and experiential way.           Before […]


Poland Trip Reflection

One twelfth-grade social studies elective, titled “Rebirth of Poland,” discusses the history of Poland and its recovery post-WWII, and it offers students the chance to travel to Poland over February break. In Poland, students confront the Holocaust at various concentration camps,explore Polish cities, and connect with Polish teenagers from a […]


Vienna Trip No Longer Just a Vacation

By: Abby Fisher ’19 For five years now, Heschel sophomores have been given the opportunity to apply for an exchange program with the Zwi Perez Chajes School in Vienna. This year, however, the application was a bit more rigorous. Instead of writing a short personal statement about why they wished […]


Climate Change Debate

By: Eitan Goldberg ‘18 When running for office, President Trump said that climate change is a hoax. In a tweet from 2012, he said that the idea of global warming “was created by and for the Chinese.” Despite being the leader of the United States, President Trump does not hold […]


Second Semester Cause

By: Sam Nevins ‘18 After a semester of fundraising for Headstrong, an organization that helps American veterans suffering from PTSD, Va’adat Hesed has shifted the school’s focus towards fundraising for an Israeli organization: The Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Survivors in Israel. The organization supports Holocaust survivors living in Israel […]